Lenovo Smart Clock 2: Smart clock gets smarter

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Lenovo Smart Clock 2: Smart clock gets smarter
Lenovo Smart Clock 2: Smart clock gets smarter

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is the following technology sensible clock from Lenovo. Gen 1 was a easy clock with Google Assistant built-in; Gen 2 has taken a couple of steps ahead. You now get a color touchscreen because the show. It continues to be basically a clock with Google Assistant and makes for an ideal bedside clock. Privacy advocates and those that concern having listening gadgets in intimate areas will be comforted by the truth that the Smart Clock 2 has a swap to show off the microphone in order that it isn’t in listening mode on a regular basis. Of course that does make it inconvenient to ask Google issues since you would want to modify it again on every time, however not less than the power to try this exists.

The clock face has a few dozen or so choices and they’re customisable, although solely with very minor adjustments. You do get an choice for displaying featured images from Google and even from your individual images.

The bonus in Gen 2 is a base/dock for the clock which has a nightlight in addition to a wi-fi charger. While it’s a 15W charger, the concept is to only go away your cellphone on it in a single day and have a completely trickle-charged cellphone within the morning once you go away for the day.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2: Smart clock gets smarter

The audio system have additionally been improved and whilst you can hearken to music on the clock, it really is only for responses from the assistant. But you get to decide on between YouTube Music and Spotify, and you may even hyperlink your Apple Music account.

Since the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 turns into part of your Google Home gadgets, it may also be used to manage different gadgets similar to TVs, Chromecast, Phillips Hue bulbs and so on.

As far because the clock features go, you get every part you want — changeable clock faces, 12/24h time codecs, alarm clocks and timers. If you might be searching for a easy alarm clock or only a timepiece which you can discuss too now and again, the Smart Clock 2 is a superb choice.

Overall, the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is a straightforward system with a color touchscreen for the Google Assistant. It has no customisations or digital camera or video capabilities. It prices ₹6,999.

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