New year, new you? How Apple can help you stay fit and motived in 2024

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New year, new you? How Apple can help you stay fit and motived in 2024
As the burden of atrial fibrillation (AFib) in India makes it an important health issue, Cupertino-based iPhone maker on Thursday brought its much-anticipated ECG app and irregular rhythm notification feature to Apple Watch users to India.

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In a bid to cater to the fitness resolutions of users in 2024, Apple introduces an array of features designed to simplify the journey to a healthier lifestyle. From enhanced health tracking to staying motivated, Apple’s offerings are tailored to cater to the diverse fitness goals of its users.

For starters, you can consider the iPhone 15 Plus, which takes center stage offering a larger 6.7-inch display and an unprecedented battery life, making it an ideal companion for health and fitness tracking. The Fitness app on the iPhone comes equipped with Activity trends, allowing users to monitor their metrics over an extended period. Coaching features are integrated to guide users back on track if any metrics show a declining trend.

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For Apple Watch users, the enhanced Workout app now includes a variety of workout options with advanced metrics to keep individuals motivated. The Activity Rings on Apple Watch, comprising Move, Exercise, and Stand metrics, provide a visual representation of daily movement goals. New additions include cardio fitness and notifications, offering insights into cardio-respiratory fitness measured by VO2 max.

Apple Watch‘s Mindfulness app introduces experiences like Breathe and Reflect, encouraging users to take moments of calm throughout the day. Integration with Siri Shortcuts allows users to set reminders and activate Do Not Disturb during meditation practices.

By incorporating a social aspect into fitness goals, Apple encourages healthy competition among friends and family. Activity Sharing enables users to keep track of each other’s fitness progress, while one-to-one seven-day activity competitions add an element of friendly challenge.

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The Move ring on both iPhone and Apple Watch helps users track their daily fitness goals, providing motivation to continue their fitness journey. Features like Focus on iPhone and Apple Watch aid in minimizing distractions, allowing users to concentrate on specific activities. Customization options for Focus, such as Work, Personal, and Sleep, cater to individual preferences.

Fitness coach Huzefa Talib emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals, creating a sustainable routine, finding enjoyable activities, having a workout buddy, and tracking progress. Apple Watch aligns with these principles by offering features such as workout tracking, competition with friends, measurement of heart rate and fitness standards, goal setting, and a personalized gym trainer experience on the wrist.

“The only way to get through the resolution and go past the excitation phase is by setting realistic and achievable goals that make sense to you. Create a routine that can fit into your lifestyle and not what internet would define. Find a way that is fun and enjoyable could be gym class/ sport/ outdoor activity or a simple dance class and nothing better than a workout buddy who has similar goals and lifestyle who will get you to be accountable. Most importantly, track your progress. If you don’t know your progress journey, you are always walking in a tunnel with no light at the end of it,” Huzefa Talib, fitness coach, co-founder, The Outfit Gym, explained.

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Addressing the importance of sleep, Apple devices guide users through bedtime routines and track sleep patterns. Sleep Focus can automatically reduce distractions during bedtime, enhancing the overall sleep experience.

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