Mind, body, journal: You won’t miss a day with Apple’s Journal app [review]

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Mind, body, journal: You won’t miss a day with Apple’s Journal app [review]
Journal app review

Journal app reviewApple

Throughout our lives, the practice of journaling thoughts has woven its way into our experiences, whether through the pages of a slam book at the close of an academic year or intimate entries of a personal diary chronicling heartbreaks and triumphs.

As smartphones seamlessly become the extension of our existence, it’s only natural to witness the timeless habit of journaling make its digital evolution. Recognizing this shift, Apple introduced an app aptly named Journal, a popular choice among users seeking to capture their thoughts, memories, and experiences in the digital realm.

Apple’s Journal app, introduced with the recent iOS 17.2 update and initially unveiled at WWDC23, is the easiest way to document your life. Journal is not the first, certainly not the only app of its nature in the digital space. But it has its moments under the sun, which makes it the go-to choice — at least for iPhone users.

Journal for iPhone

In line with Apple’s design ethos, the Journal app offers a clean interface for a user-friendly experience. With a single tap at the plus sign at the bottom users can initiate a “New Entry” or explore tailored prompts based on recent activities and recommendations.



You’ve got to love those meticulously crafted suggestions, prompting you to pen related thoughts. It takes ordinary digital journal into a mindful space that lets you reflect on both positive and challenging moments—a practice encouraged by professional therapist.

The personalized touch in its prompts is the unique factor, which ranges from nostalgic reflections on photos to contemplation of visited locations. All your thoughts are locked away behind a security layer, so your candid expressions are kept far, far away from prying eyes.

Journal app offers “reflection” prompts, based on user engagement, which encourage users to make audio recordings, delve into self-discoveries, and more. These prompts, generated from stored data encompassing photos, music, call logs, and locations, set the Journal app apart. This level of personalisation is achieved through Apple’s deep-rooted iOS integration.

Journal review

Reflection prompts in JournalIBT

The app scans through your daily routines, music choices, and location data to craft prompts. For instance, users will get a suggestion to write about a walk, prompted by data from Apple Watch or smartphone. These prompts are not all random, which makes engaging with them fun and meaningful. The app seamlessly integrates prompts like “What do you appreciate the most about yourself?” or exploring memories linked to a specific photo. It’s a perfect digital reflection.

Journal app

Journal app entry

There’s deeper integration with Apple Music, which lets you select songs suitable to journal entries. So if you’re an Apple Music subscriber, you get to enjoy journaling more. It’s like being the hero in your journals.

If there’s one thing Apple is great at, it’s privacy. Journal app processes all data on the device and securing entry backups on iCloud with end-to-end encryption.

Lock your journal

Lock your journal

All of it is great, but to use the Journal app, you need an iPhone. Even an iPad is no good at this point. Hence, the app’s exclusivity to iPhones is a bummer for many. However, its potential to inspire users, even those unfamiliar with journaling, remains undeniable. Personally, it would be fun if Journal gets Siri to take notes.

In conclusion, Apple’s Journal app, with its user-friendly design, personalized prompts, and multimedia integration, makes it a compelling tool for documenting thoughts and experiences. If you want to cultivate journaling habits through engaging prompts in 2024, Journal is a must-use.

Journal could be better with some improvements by offering customization options, like the ability to add colors, stickers, or personalize pages to cater the visually expressive journaling styles.

Apple’s Journal app helps you achieve a mindful and reflective experience through journaling thoughts. It can help you overcome a writer’s block, too. It is a valuable companion for those aspiring to cultivate a journaling habit, especially in this digital era when it’s easier to find your phone than a book.

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