Zuckerberg building $100 mn top-secret property with a bunker in Hawaii

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Zuckerberg building 0 mn top-secret property with a bunker in Hawaii


Meta Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is reportedly building a top-secret $100 million mansion in Hawaii that has a huge underground bunker.

The scale of the roughly 1,400-acre compound is staggering and according to public documents obtained by Wired, the compound will consist of more than a dozen buildings, featuring 30 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms.

The mansion on the Hawaiian island of Kauai includes a sprawling, 5,000-square-foot bunker that has its own source of power, the report mentioned.

A wooded area will be decked out with 11 treehouses, connected by rope bridges. The work on the compound is shrouded in secrecy and if someone reveals the plan to the media at the site, he or she stands to get fired immediately.

“It’s a fight club. We don’t talk about fight clubs,” a former contractor was quoted as saying. “Nobody working on this project is allowed to talk about what they’re building… Different construction crews within the site are assigned to separate projects and workers are forbidden from speaking with other crews about their work,” the report mentioned.

Known as Koolau Ranch, Zuckerberg’s property includes a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter and has its own energy and food¬†supplies. “Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan continue to build one of the most expensive properties in the world,” the report said.

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According to plans, the compound is centred around two mansions with a total floor area comparable to a professional football field (57,000 square feet), which contain multiple elevators, offices, conference rooms, and an industrial-sized kitchen.

“The scale of the project suggests that it will be more than a personal vacation home — Zuckerberg¬†has already hosted two corporate events at the compound,” according to the report.

According to sources, the compound will be self-sufficient, with its own water tank, 55 feet in diameter and 18 feet tall — along with a pump system. “A variety of food is already produced across its 1,400 acres through ranching and agriculture,” the report claimed.

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