Shreekant Mandvikar’s Expertise in Leading Innovations in Intelligent Process Automation Across Industries

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Shreekant Mandvikar’s Expertise in Leading Innovations in Intelligent Process Automation Across Industries
Shreekant Mandvikar

In the era of technology boom Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) has been rapidly gaining traction across various industries. IPA – “Intelligent Process Automation” is a set of tools and technologies cumulatively to makes business operations run efficiently. These tools can:- Act like humans doing tasks (that’s Robotic Process Automation).”Read” words from images or screens, like how we read a name and date of birth on a driving license (that’s Optical Character Recognition). Learn and think, almost like how we do (using things like AI and Machine Learning). Reports indicate a significant growth trajectory in the IPA market. According to, the global IPA market was projected to grow at a CAGR of over 10% between 2021 and 2026, with North America, led by the U.S., being a substantial contributor to this growth. Diverse U.S. sectors adopted IPA tools to streamline operations, boost efficiency, and enhance customer experiences. The data is sufficient to emphasize the requirement of experienced IPA professionals.

Shreekant Mandvikar is an expert IPA researcher, practitioner, and mentor with over 14 years of experience in helping companies automate business processes using Intelligent processes automation. Equipped with a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from RGPV and a Postgraduate Degree in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from The University of Texas at Austin, Shreekant possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and specialized knowledge in Process Automation and AI. His research on process automation 2.0 using Generative AI and indexing of RPA has been accepted and published in international journals. This solid educational and research foundation forms the bedrock upon which he has built an illustrious career. He has spent a big part of his career working with one of the largest IT conglomerates having its presence in 46 countries.

Professional Accomplishments

Shreekant’s professional journey is characterized by a series of landmark achievements, each contributing significantly to the field of automation. Notably, his work as a Principal Automation Engineer stands out, particularly in the creation of innovative solutions that have reshaped various industries like Banking, healthcare life science, travel transportation hospitality, communications Media, and information.

One of his exceptional achievements is the creation of an automated solution that converted mainframe macros to Robotic Process Automation (RPA), resulting in a substantial $45 million contract for his employer. This groundbreaking solution facilitated the seamless transition of legacy applications from mainframe to Java, with zero end-user change management. The implications were profound; it prevented the need to retrain thousands of in-store, back-office, and on-call support teams, thereby safeguarding against the stagnation of innovation and growth.

Furthermore, Shreekant led the design of a solution using Robotic Process Automation and cognitive technologies for a leading US Pharmacy Chain. This innovation not only streamlined data accessibility for customer-facing agents but also yielded a remarkable 250-350% return on investment year-on-year, saving 3-5 minutes per customer per prescription. This initiative, benefiting 50,000+ customers with 3-7 prescriptions yearly, resulted in a collective saving of 4,500 hours, a substantial gain for both the pharmacy and its clientele.

He utilized his organization’s proprietary framework to create an automation solution for finance and accounting processes for an online travel ticketing aggregator. This endeavor not only secured a 300% return on investment but also accelerated month-end closure activities by a day, attracting Priceline as a new automation customer and sealing a significant two-year deal with his company.
Collaborating with a large newspaper in Chicago, Shreekant facilitated the selection of automation products and established a dedicated automation team, resulting in a two-day improvement in month-end and quarter-end closure.

The key to Shreekant’s success lies in his commitment to assisting clients in the initial stages of their automation journey, using the company’s proprietary framework to meticulously evaluate automation products, identify suitable use cases, and ensure tailored solutions meet both present and future requirements.

Seasoned Mentor:

Besides being an accomplished professional Shreekant is also a seasoned mentor, he has trained more than 120 associates on automation. He also writes in renowned technology blogs and extends his knowledge to wider audiences through 2 podcasts Build Your First Bot and How Data is Transforming Technology. The fact that he has judged several hackathons like hackHARVARD, and hackMIT and is also among the panel of judges for GLOBEE awards shows his hold on his domain of expertise.

Achievements and Awards

Shreekant’s expertise and contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. His achievements have been recognized through prestigious awards such as the LinkedIn Top Process Automation Voice in 2023. He is also the recipient of the 13th Globee Business Awards (Silver – Robotic Process Automation) and the 15th Golden Bridge Awards.

Shreekant Mandvikar’s influential path in Intelligent Process Automation highlights the transformative potential of expertise, innovation, and commitment. His diverse skills and substantial contributions consistently reshape the automation landscape, establishing a benchmark for industry professionals and inspiring the future of IPA in the United States and globally.

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