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We is the millenials and youth generations platform for the latest business news, trends and innovations . Our omnichannel platform spans digital, mobile, social media and gives young executives the information they need in the format they prefer.

Snippets and Engaging are the hallmarks of today’s information age. How people prefer to receive and consume content is also personal and varied. Mindstar Netcorp Pvt. Ltd® , the owner of, is committed to ensuring our news content and your new articles reaches and engages business readers across the leading digital news highways.
What makes unique is our coverage of the entire new age businesses, like fintech, edutech, ev-tech, space exploration and consumer centric innovations. Our engaging content targets the needs of young executives in personal finance, self development professionally, gadgets & technology, corporate management, general management, research and development, purchasing and marketing. We provide the context and insights they need to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics.
With nearly a decade of expertise, Mindstar Netcorp Pvt Ltd. has kept pace with change through the years to meet the evolving needs of our audience and clients. Contact us to learn how we may help you achieve your press releases and company visibility goals in today’s market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the young millenial executives with actionable  content they need to make good business decisions, allowing the executives the best opportunity to build their brands and ultimately create fiscal growth.