AC Katz’s Newly Released The Great American Writing on the Wall

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AC Katz’s Newly Released The Great American Writing on the Wall
AC Katz’s Newly Released The Great American Writing on the Wall

AC Katz’s Newly Released The Great American Writing on the Wall

Middleton, ID, December 22, 2023 — “The Great American Writing on the Wall”: an articulate and punctiliously introduced eschatological dialogue. “The Great American Writing on the Wall” is the creation of revealed writer, AC Katz.

Katz shares, “While eclipses will not be that unusual, whole photo voltaic eclipses usually happen over the ocean quite than on land. Don’t let anybody idiot you into pondering the 2017 eclipse was nothing out of the atypical. While individuals had been watching, day was turned to nighttime all throughout the United States. It had been ninety-nine years since a complete photo voltaic eclipse crossed the total United States, and having one other whole photo voltaic eclipse cross the total United States once more in 2024, simply seven years later, is unprecedented.

“Lunar eclipses (blood moons) are of prophetic significance for Israel, whereas photo voltaic eclipses are prophetic significance for Gentiles. It’s well-known that the United States has been the wealthiest, strongest, and most influential Gentile nation. It can be an enormous ethnic melting pot and hosts a proto–world authorities in the type of the United Nations.

“Two whole photo voltaic eclipses spaced seven years aside, crossing the entirety of the United States that type an X over the largest and foremost Gentile nation on earth shouldn’t be ignored—it ought to at the very least be thought-provoking.

“No one can manipulate an eclipse or its slender path of totality. Nobody can change the orbital mechanics of the planets, solely God.

“It’s not a coincidence, the writing is on the wall with a timeline of occasions, see for your self. God is letting us know He is aware of the future and He will deliver it to go precisely as His phrase says.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, AC Katz’s new e-book will encourage dialogue and prayer as readers think about the impactful factors inside.

Mondo Gonzales, co-host of Prophecy Watchers and director of the Psalm 19 Project, shares, “The Great American Writing on the Wall by AC Katz is a captivating learn. I like all issues astronomy and likewise take pleasure in stepping out and contemplating the methods through which God could be warning the world about the coming tribulation interval. The sheer quantity of knowledge and analysis on this e-book will definitely trigger you to ponder and marvel how all the information matches collectively. AC Katz avoids errors of astrology, however as an alternative merely reveals the latest and upcoming astronomical information because it pertains to star and planetary alignments together with eclipses. She gives you meals for thought and plain information to ponder and ponder. I do know it has already performed this for me.”

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