India’s Vanguard Against Soaring Air Pollution Levels

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India’s Vanguard Against Soaring Air Pollution Levels
India’s Vanguard Against Soaring Air Pollution Levels

India’s Vanguard Against Soaring Air Pollution Levels

Delhi 28 Dec’23: In the face of an alarming surge in air air pollution throughout India, Nano Aerpod emerges as a pioneering answer to safeguard the well being of hundreds of thousands. This floor breaking Personal Air Purifier is about to redefine how we fight the invisible risk that’s silently compromising the well-being of our communities.

The Air Pollution Crisis:

India is grappling with a extreme air air pollution disaster that poses a direct and rapid risk to public well being. Recent research spotlight the disproportionate impression on susceptible populations, particularly youngsters and the aged. During peak site visitors hours, a person inhales a staggering quantity of pollution, considerably shortening their life span and contributing to numerous respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

Nano Aerpod - Your Personal Guardian Against Air Pollution. © AERPOD.IN

The Toll on Our Children and Elderly:

Children, with their creating respiratory programs, are significantly inclined to the dangerous results of air air pollution. Studies point out a direct hyperlink between extended publicity to pollution and developmental points in youngsters. Similarly, the aged, with weakened immune programs, face an elevated threat of respiratory illnesses, coronary heart assaults, and different well being problems.

Understanding the Impact:

During peak site visitors hours, a person can inhale an alarming quantity of pollution, together with particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and risky natural compounds (VOCs). These pollution penetrate deep into our lungs, resulting in a myriad of well being points.

Nano Aerpod: A Revolutionary Solution:

Nano Aerpod, India’s first Personal and Wearable Air Purifier, is a paradigm shift within the combat towards air air pollution. Crafted with cutting-edge know-how, Nano Aerpod isn’t just a tool; it’s a dedication to making sure clear, breathable air for everybody.

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Key Benefits:

Portable Protection: Nano Aerpod is compact and wearable, offering private safety wherever you go.

Advanced Filtration: Equipped with superior filtration know-how, Nano Aerpod captures and eliminates airborne pollution, guaranteeing you breathe solely purified air.

A Commitment to Health: Nano Aerpod isn’t just a product; it’s a dedication to a more healthy, safer future for people and communities.

Rechargeable battery operated: The Nano Aerpod is powered by a 2200 mAh Lithium ion battery that costs rapidly. It can last as long as 8 hours on a single cost. Nano Aerpod is provided with a sophisticated battery administration mechanism to guard towards surges in electrical energy.

APNFH100-H Nano Aerpod

Difficulties Encountered While Using regular masks or PPE Kits for longer length.

• Excessive sweating (100%)
• Fogging of goggles, spectacles, or face shields (88%)
• Suffocation (83%)
• Breathlessness (61%)
• Fatigue (75%)
• Headache as a consequence of extended use (28%)
• Pressure marks on the pores and skin at a number of areas on repeated use (19%)

Key Features:

The greatest safety for Viruses & Bacteria – H13 filter, with 99.9%+ filtration versus 95 p.c for N95 masks. Doctors and nurses everywhere in the world use it. Aerpod could be charged in the identical approach {that a} cellphone is and used for years. It is easy to sterilize.

• For the primary time, masks match is now not a difficulty.
• Doctors and nurses everywhere in the world use it.
• Breathe-in no stale CO2 by way of face masks
• Filters PM10 – PM 2.5
• lengthy lasting true HEPA filter
• Bacteria filtration effectivity of as much as 99.9%
• Filtration effectivity as much as 99.97%
• Long-lasting rechargeable batteries
• C-Type Quick Charging.
• Portable and lightweight for mobility.
• Built with Medical & food-grade materials.
• High-grade ABS plastic physique for sturdiness
• Adjustable 2 wind velocity.
• Flight secure gadget throughout your flight.
• It is easy to sterilize.

Empowering Individuals, Transforming Communities:

Nano Aerpod is greater than an answer; it’s a motion in direction of cleaner air and more healthy lives. As we battle the rising tide of air air pollution, Nano Aerpod stands as a beacon of hope, defending people and communities one breath at a time.

AERPOD is a trailblazer in clear air know-how, devoted to addressing urgent environmental challenges. Committed to innovation and societal well-being, we attempt to make a optimistic impression on the world.

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