A Sunlit Sojourn: “The Summer Solstice” with Stronger Muscatel by Makaibari

A Sunlit Sojourn: “The Summer Solstice” with Stronger Muscatel by Makaibari
A Sunlit Sojourn: “The Summer Solstice” with Stronger Muscatel by Makaibari

A Sunlit Sojourn: “The Summer Solstice” with Stronger Muscatel by Makaibari

India, August 2023 – As the solar reached its zenith, casting a golden glow over the world, the Summer Solstice introduced with it a way of vibrant vitality and awakening. It was a momentous event, a time of harvest that symbolized a profound connection between humanity and the pure world. Celebrate it with the natural Summer Solstice Muscatel, a really exceptional Darjeeling Second Flush Black Tea, a real Muscatel from the celebrated Makaibari Tea Estate. Harvested between the months of May and June, after April showers, with leaves which are extra distinguished, refined, and have a well-rounded taste.

This historical custom of the Summer Solstice held deep-rooted which means for the Makaibari Tea Estate, as their tea crops responded to the shifting day size, yielding a harvest of unparalleled high quality. Scientifically intriguing “photoperiodism” influenced the blooming and development patterns of crops in response to altering day lengths in the course of the Summer Solstice. Inspired by this splendor, Makaibari Tea poured their experience and care into creating their new providing, capturing the essence of the Solstice in each sip. The cautious hand-picking of the best tea leaves in the course of the second flush harvest gave start to “The Summer Solstice with Strong Muscatel” – a tea that embodied the very essence of this auspicious time.

Throughout historical past, the Summer Solstice performed a pivotal position in guiding agricultural actions, enabling farmers to find out the best moments for planting and harvesting crops. Even at present, it remained a time of religious significance, igniting a profound connection between humanity and the life-giving energy of the solar. The festivities in the course of the Summer Solstice had deep-rooted traditions worldwide. At the center of all of it was the fascinating essence of Makaibari’s second flush of tea harvest. Those fastidiously hand-picked tea leaves exuded a powerful muscatel taste, delighting the style buds and leaving an unforgettable impression.

Makaibari invitations connoisseurs and tea lovers to immerse themselves within the wealthy heritage of tea and the Summer Solstice on the property’s celebratory occasion.

Mr. Rudra Chatterjee, Managing Director, Luxmi Tea Group stated “Makaibari Summer Solstice is harvested in the course of the second flush, beneath the fascinating attract of the summer season solstice, with each sip, discerning connoisseurs will relish the unparalleled flavors and wealthy aromas that evoke the spirit of this distinctive harvest. Our dedication to high quality and sustainability shines by means of in every cup, as we proceed our legacy of providing tea lovers a rare expertise that transcends time and style “

Witness the agricultural abundance that has impressed generations and indulge within the luxurious expertise of the “Summer Solstice.” decor and the centerpiece at The Makaibari flagship retailer in Kolkata are additionally impressed by this holy Summer Solstice and the attractive Makaibari Estate.

Makaibari’s “Summer Solstice” is not only a tea; it’s a celebration of nature’s cycles and the connection we share with the cosmos. Indulge within the most interesting flavors of the season and expertise the magic that unfolds when custom meets luxurious.


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