March 18, 2022


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Parallel Finance Launches 6 DeFi Products in One Day

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Parallel Finance Launches 6 DeFi Products in One Day
Parallel Finance Launches 6 DeFi Products in One Day

Parallel Finance, the DeFi parachain hub of Polkadot and Kusama, has executed a massive coordinated launch of six separate products in one day across many different DeFi primitives.

The full list includes: Parallel’s Automated Market Maker (AMM), Farming, Liquid Staking, v2 Crowdloan Platform, Cross Chain Bridge, and Wallet. These will allow Parallel’s Kusama deployment, Heiko, to include nearly all major DeFi products and enable Parallel users to access leveraged staking, leveraged trading and leveraged crowdloans on the Parallel platform. After some testing, these are expected to be deployed on the main Parallel chain on Polkadot.

Each product conducts a specific function. The Automated Market Maker enables users to swap assets through decentralized liquidity pools, letting users earn additional yield on HKO and KSM pairs. Later versions will include more assets as XCM usage increases.

The Farming feature will simplify yield generation further, with a one-stop interface to put HKO to work outside of crowdloans (which recently ended for the time being). This complements the Crowdloans V2 product, which will improve Parallel’s flagship product of liquid crowdloans by decentralizing key and asset management of the contributors’ assets.

Parallel’s Wallet allows users to view their assets and soon be able to  transfer to another Parallel address. Liquid Staking, similar to the Crowdloans module, allows users to maintain access to their KSM while it is being staked. This allows the liquid derivative KSM to be used in DeFi, combining both staking and DeFi yield. 

Finally, the Cross-Chain Bridge will make it easy to transfer DOT & KSM from the relay chain to Parallel.

“The combined product launch marks the official realization of Heiko’s vision as an integrated DeFi parachain, where all products are naturally interoperable and efficient, thanks to native functions of the underlying Substrate chain,” said Yubo Ruan, Founder of Parallel Finance.


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